Since I decided to write an initial post about my weight issues I thought I would do an update on my health. It's not the best update but it is an update. My Health/ Weight Okay. So, as far as my weight goes it hasn't really changed. I fluctuate between 94kg and 95kg. Health Changes... Continue Reading →

Outfit Of The Day -Feeling Cute In Not So Cute Clothes.

Old trackies that are from god knows where paired with a shirt that I got working at a festival in 2017. Chucked on top is a men's jacket that I thrifted a while back. Saturday June 13th 2020 I have been feeling really crap about my self lately. Even when I dress up nice I... Continue Reading →


MOCHA- This seems to be my favourite type of coffee. I am a Qualified barista who hated coffee. I never wanted to be a barista. I never liked coffee. In fact the only coffee I liked to drink was the Dare- iced coffee. Part of obtaining my RSA and RCG required me to also partake... Continue Reading →


When I was a kid "surfboard" was the term my family used to describe me, Stick thin and no titty Beccy. In high school, the word "Whale" was thrown at me. Considering I can't swim, the joke was on them. I was and still am just FAT. BACK STORY TO MY STRUGGLES WITH WEIGHT From... Continue Reading →

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